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Thursday, July 23, 2009

As I was dusting off the 2 meter thick dust which settled on my blog cover , I was rethinking 'what is the whole point of blogging ?'. And so, I struggled with the idea of giving it up :) sounds brilliant! No hassle, no trouble , no need to waste time typing and making up essays that would impress others.
But then again, I'm wrong. Is the blog for me ? No! I mean, to a certain extent , yes it is for me to keep track of my own life events. But, ultimately, it should be for others. To encourage others , and be blessed in return. :) Therefore, I would like to apologize to the all my friends out there, sorry for not blogging and keep you guys updated for 5 months and 14 days which is .................... SINCE I left Kluang !!

It is hard to put down these past few months in words. So here is the summary ( now I know why we learn summary in English classes (-_-).

Life as a student began again for me , after a long break. I was finding it so hard to wake up early morning for lectures. But, as the saying goes, ' the early bird catches the worm'. Erm, I don't know how that relates. Anyway, I got used to the life in University and was actually enjoying every moment of it. I was enjoying studies , friends , roommates , church , and almost everything. I do not want to make this sound like an ideal student life. But, I am telling you , we've got to thank God and rejoice in whatever circumstances God has placed us in. And live your life purposefully. Let's move on before this turns into some disciplinary class.

Currently, I am attending Eagle Point church. I've been fitting in well and God has open doors and given me plenty of opportunities to serve Him. I am also involved in my Uni's prayer meetings , heading our batch prayer and also helping out in the worship team in Christian Fellowship. All in all , God is good to me. I am not saying all these to show how much I am doing, but I believe strongly and have personally experienced the fact that if Christians do not live a life of service to God, no matter in whatever ministry. Then, our Christian walk and growth would be stagnant.

One thing we must realize is the fact that there will not be much growth in your christian walk if you only attend church , read your bibles , do your quiet time. Unless you serve and do something purposefully for the Lord, your growth is limited. It is when we serve , we practice our faith , we learn to apply the lessons we learn from the bible, we exercise our spiritual gifts , we put others first , we see others better than ourselves , and we become wholly dependent and reliant on God's strength to sustain us. And through it all , we will get to experience and see the divine intervention of God in different circumstances.

Coming back to my updates :) , I finished my first semester and I am having a 1 month break which is going to end in 3 days. And then, Semester 2 dawns. I am looking forward to it. There will be many things coming up for me and I really do not know how am I going to balance the act. But, I trust Him to bring me through every situation and still keeping me alive and well. I am going to surrender everything to Him because He knows best , and He will take care of everything. I say this by faith , not by sight nor by my morale boosting ego. I know He is with me and in me , and He is stronger than my own strength. If you are going through a tough period now , struggling to balance things , finding hard to face another day , or feeling like your faith is dwindling by the days, go back to Him who is the source of all you need. Wait upon Him and be renewed in the knowledge of who He really is. Our saviour.

Here is a song which would really encourage you , I love this song , and the words. It just ministers to me. Hope it does the same for you.

Here's the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XazqArchgR8&feature=related


kaixian said...

finally update ur blog liao....hmm...glad too hear tat u doing well there!jia you o!:)

_xing pei_ said...

yah, and the early worm gets caught by the bird. and also, i dont know how that relates. =P take care in uni man. =)

manor of thoughts said...

Kai xian : Haha... yeah, it is kinda late but never too late :P hehe....... you take care too. Hope that everything is well with you !!

manor of thoughts said...

Joy : haha..... how come early worm gets caught by the bird? I thought birds wake up later than worms? :P yeah, I am back in Uni man..... missing home already :D

Tien Li said...

Hey there. :) Glad to know you're doing well. Thanks for the YouTube link. Am encouraged. :)

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